RX72M, after the host sends CMD7 to the SD card, the return status is SDC_SD_ERR_HOST_TOE

When evaluating the SDHI module function of RX72M, I debugged the sample code (r01an4233xx0300-rx-sdmemory). I have encountered the following problems.

In SD card initialization process:The return value of r_sdc_sd_send_cmd_arg (card_no, SDC_SD_CMD7, SDC_SD_RESP_R1b, p_hndl-> rca [0]) is now SDC_SD_ERR_HOST_TOE.

What are the possible causes? 


(1) The commands before CMD7 (SMD0, CMD8, ACMD41, CMD2, CMD3, CMD9, CMD13) worked well. The response is accurate.

(2) The sd card is an 8G memory card.

(3)Before sending CMD7, the status of the sd card is standby.