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Query Regarding Ethercat - Quest

Currently using the RZT1 board as the ethercat slave. I have total five devices in the ethercat network including the RZT1 board as the fifth device. The master card is provided by ADVANET.

My requirement is to read all the TX and RX data of the first four slaves by the fifth slave  RZT1. 

As per my understanding the data can be read by  fifth slave  RZT1 by setting the FMMU0 of the fifth slave as the start logical address of first slave (FMMU0 of first slave).

I am considering below configuration to provide contiguous logical address allocation,


Slave 1: 00000010  size:0x13

Slave 2: 2C000010 size:0x13

Slave 3: 58000010  size:0x1C

Slave 4: A0000010  size:0x1C

Slave 5: 00000010  size:0x08 – size will be increased to fetch all the data.



Slave 1: 13000010  size:0x19

Slave 2: 3F000010  size:0x19

Slave 3: 74000010  size:0x2C

Slave 4: BC000010 size:0x2C

Slave 5: F0000010   size:0x08


But this contiguous logical address allocation is not working with EC Engineer tool.


Is this configuration possible? Is it possible for the fifth slave to read all the TX and RX of other slaves?



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